Sunday 19 July 2009

Feed In Tariff rates announced

The proposed Feed In Tariff rates have been announced this week by the Government and I've just had more details published by the Renewable Energy Association.

Right at the moment is the best time ever to get a Renewable Energy system installed! You will benefit from both the Microgeneration grant now, then reap the rewards of anything up to 40p a unit payback from next April!

As an example. I have just completed a quote for a 3.24kWp system, which after the current grant has been taken off will cost the customer £14,500. Then every year will earn the customer £1017 in Feed In Tariff!
And of course thats before taking into account all that FREE renewable power available for use in the house.

We are now just realising why Solar Power is so popular in Germany and other European countries.

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