Friday 23 March 2012

Governments Supreme Court Appeal thrown out!

Exerpt from this afternoons press release from Regen SW..

The long running legal saga over changes to the Feed-in Tariff has come to an end.  The Supreme Court has refused permission for DECC to appeal against the Court of Appeal's decision on plans to reduce the tariff for solar PV installations.

The effect of the decision is that solar projects installed between 12 December and 3 March will get the higher rate (43p/kWh for sub 4kW schemes) in place prior to the government cuts. It has no effect on projects since 3 March as new tariffs came into force at that time.

The decision provides an opportunity to move on from the confusion of the last few months and for the industry to work with DECC to ensure a clear policy framework in which solar pv and microgeneration technologies can develop to their full potential. Regen's recent report on the benefits of microgeneration showed how the Feed-in Tariff has led to investment in renewables, new businesses and jobs and a flowering of community renewable energy schemes in the south west (

Rachel Solomon-Williams, Head of the FiT at DECC, will be speaking at a session for Regen members on the current Feed-in Tariff consultation on 17th April in Exeter. You can find out more at

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