Monday 2 March 2009

Tested and commisioned . Its so good :)

Popped back in to run some final checks, take some readings and generally see how the system has got on over the weekend. Its clocked up 75kWh over the 2 days during the weekend of mostly cloudy with a little bit of sun here and there. Very encouraging!

I spent some time on site this morning, as I had some network cabling to finish, and a whole bunch more pictures to take now the sun is out for today. .. By the time I had left at lunchtime, another 20kWh had been generated. Its such an incredible system, the customer is going to notice a major difference in their power bills, plus of course the building occupiers have taken a huge step toward reducing their carbon footprint.

Two pictures taken with a super wide angle lens to get everything in on one shot. Perspective is a little distorted though.
The modules on the roof and inverters mounted inside the electricity switch cupboard. 3 @Fronius IG inverters.

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