Thursday 9 February 2012

DECC announce new rates

DECC have announced the new Feed in Tariff scheme rates today.
As expected, the rate starts at 21p a unit from 3rd March, and after 1st April, will continue at 21p, but in addition premises will need to have an EPC certificate for Band D or better.

After July 2012, the FiT rate will reduce to 16.8p or 13.6p depending on amount of PV installs during March and April. Then in October 2012, another 5% reduction. After this, every 6 months the FiT will be degressed by 10%. It has been estimated by DECC that PV components will reduce in cost by this rate, and the 10% reduction every 6 months will keep up! Along with the rest of the industry, we at Rudge Renewables really do not consider this to be the case!

You can see another window of opportunity has arisen to get a PV system installed and commisioned before 1st April, thus avoiding getting an energy survey, plus possible energy upgrades required.

For more information, the Ministers statement is HERE and The new FiT announcement is HERE

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