Monday, 27 February 2012

Just a few days left.

March 3rd is almost here and we have been getting a whole bundle of people calling to see if a system can be squeezed in at the last minute.
Unfortunately, the answer has to be no as we have been fully booked through February since soon after Christmas. Its a shame this ridiculous situation has been thrust on everyone, but at least after March 3rd we will only have the April 1st Deadline to work up to!

For anyone who is not up to speed with the complicated series of events, this last chapter, before we settle down the new Government tariff, means that older houses with limited facility for insulation will effectively be excluded from generating their own power. From April 1st, all premises that have a renewable power system installed will need to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to prove the premises complies to Band D or better.
For around 50% of UK premises, they will comply without modification, but many will need further insulation or energy upgrading.

On the upside though, a further fall in PV module costs for us now means we are able to install a 3.68kWp PV system from only £7995 inc VAT .. Unheard of only 6 months ago!!. This will be good news for many  for whom solar PV will now make sense, even at the lower rate, as ROI is the same, if not better than it was before! Check out 

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