Wednesday 9 May 2012

Grand Opening of Bicton Earth

Now this is weird!. We have been invited to, and have accepted, an invitation to attend the official opening of Bicton Earth training centre, a local training school for renewables near Budleigh Salterton and part of Bicton Agricultural College.

The weird part is that when the development of the centre was announced 18 months ago, we offered to support the project and donate equipment, PV panels, etc as we felt a project like this was just what the area needs... I still do!.. However, after an initial meeting and a small flurry of emails indicating our intent, etc. All contact broke off. We naturally assumed there were delays, etc. As we now see, the centre is completely built (and looks lovely), but they actually PAID a company to install the equipment, which will have left less in the budget for all the teaching stuff they could have bought.

Although Graham, who is running the show now & was not around at that point,  is really pulling it all together and is ready to take on a bunch of C&G courses, (plus he's a really nice bloke), I am still feeling a little bad taste in my mouth over what went before him. I'd like to think our offer of FREE stuff was not snubbed, but I was looking at some of the installed gear that would have cost them thousands, and wonder if there was a level of incompetency or something else going on a year or so ago!

If your there on Friday, see you then, we'll be there, looking onwards and upwards. Graham has plans for the Earth Centre, and they are all good.. And despite the other stuff, I want to help him along, there is now some vision running the place now.

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