Saturday 26 May 2012

New lower cost Immersion Switch!

Our latest Immersion Relay units are now even lower in cost to £160 inc VAT and post!
After a recent bulk buy in components, we are able to price these popular power saving devices at an all time low price.
These low cost units are the answer to a using as much of your generated PV power as possible. Aimed at the household who have gas or oil water heating and out of the house all day. You've probably realised most of that PV generated power simply goes out on the grid with no benefit to yourself at all..
We know of some people who have tried putting timer units on their immersion heaters to switch on around late morning for a few hours. However, a moments thought comes to the realisation that on cloudy or low light days you'd be buying in far more power than you'd be generating.
Our Immersion Relay is the answer, it only switches on the immersion when your PV is generating enough power to run it... And to ensure its suited to most domestic installations, we provide a custom built  replacement 1kw immersion heater to take the place of your existing 3kw unit, which means your PV will be heating even more water!
Click HERE to get all the information.

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