Saturday 20 June 2009

Home installation

After having various test installations at home, I have finally got around to install a permanant roof mounted system. At last!

We have installed a 1.26kWp system based around the Sharp monocrystalline modules and a Sunny Boy inverter with a wireless remote display. Although we have previously installed Fronius inverters, I was impressed with the customer interface capabilities of the 'Sunny Beam' wireless display over the Fronius digit only display.

So far, the output is right on track, far exceeding calculated output, as we are situated on the South Devon coast and using Monocrystalline modules. It is proving again that using Government SAP calculations are so underrated in this part of the UK. Like everyone else who's had a PV system installed, I'm looking forward to really low power bills!

As can be seen from the photo, left, (that includes the beehives), there is still plenty of room on the roof for later expansion for more PV and a Solar Thermal system.