Monday 9 December 2013

A first look at the Immersun 2.

After the massive success of their original Immersun unit, 4Eco have finally released the Immersun version 2 after extensive delays due to component shortages.

Many Solar PV owners will be familiar with either the Immersun or the concept of diverting excess power from your PV to heat water rather than simply export onto the grid. This new version has changed in so many ways.

From the picture on the left, you can see the comparison between the original smaller Immersun, and the brand new Immersun 2, being around twice the size!

Once peeking inside the units, (below), the comparison is quite easy to see the beefier power components which indicate early on to us that the whole power control concept has changed.

Originally, the Immersun dumped your excess power into an immersion heater by sending small bursts of 230v in proportion to the amount of excess power available. The system worked, and still does, but proved to be a compromise which could cause power fluctuations on weak grid connections. The design was built to bring a good working product into the marketplace which already had a few basic power diversion units, though it did this very well, the guys at 4Eco soon started work on the version 2 and it's now available to buy.

The new unit clearly makes no apologies for changing technology from the lower cost 'power burst' to gradual and smooth transition of power over to the immersion heater. It looks robust and made for the job. As an added bonus, the Display and control software has been extensively upgraded to provide a far clearer operation, showing you what is excess power is being sent to your immersion heater and more.

On this initial comparison after opening the box, I can see quite why the new unit attracts a higher purchase cost. I understand that for people who want a basic unit at a basic cost, the original Immersun will be available for a time to come, but for those of you looking for some 'at a glance' readability of all those functions, this will be the one to go for.

Next week.. full review of installation and functionality.