Wednesday 3 February 2010

Grant money has dried up!

Late this afternoon, we have had notification from the REA that DECC has ceased the Domestic Grant of £2500 for PV systems.
Checking the Low Carbon website here it seems the money has dried up, probably due to a the massive amount of applications over the last few weeks.

A shame its all ended early, but we have a great looking Feed In Tariff scheme to look forward to.

For the full statement from DECC, go to

Better than expected Feed In Tariff rate !

Monday 1st February gave us the final announcement of April's Feed In Tariff.

Great news that the rate was raised from an expected 36.5p to 41.3p per generated kWh (unit) on systems up 4kWp in size.

This will mean an average 2.16kWp domestic system will earn you £826 tax free each year!. Plus of course the free electricity that will be available for use, instantly cutting rught back on your electricity bill.

For more information see the Chris Rudge Renewable page here

Or the DECC website here