Friday 27 April 2012

Using your excess generated power

Our clever Immersion Heater switching device has proved to be a runaway success since going into full production in January.
To give you an overview, our unit is simply installed by your consumer unit (fuse box), where both your Solar PV (or wind system) is connected along with your immersion heater. When your PV/Wind system generates more than 1kW (or other setting of choice), it will switch on your immersion heater to heat water instead of exporting power out onto the grid.
For more information on our Immersion Heater Relay system, go to

Ideal for premises with Gas or Oil heating and a hot water tank with a backup immersion heater fitted.

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Solar PV installation for Dorset artist

Living in a conservation area can be a problem for people with plans to have renewable energy plans for their house and family.
Such was the case for landscape and portrait artist Harriet Barber, who lives near the beautiful Lulworth Cove in Dorset, UK.
She and partner Dan wanted to offset their carbon footprint and escalating power bills and give them better options for their children rather than spend most of their income on paying power bills.
We took on the planning permission application paperwork for Harriet, which for people unfamiliar with the processes can be very onerous. This was all included in the cost, as we feel that any of our customers needing assistance in obtaining planning should be helped every step of the way.
Harriet simply gave us the go-ahead for the work, and we did the rest. Her, the family and her neighbours are extremely pleased with how its all worked out, together with the local planning office, whom like most we encounter are very helpful.

Saturday 7 April 2012

Speaking at Ecobuild

I had the privilege of being invited to give a presentation at EcoBuild at the Excel, London, to Self Builders on the outlines of generating your own power at home.
As it turned out, though I thought I was going to be right on time, it ran over and I sadly needed to miss out some stuff, so apologies to anyone who attended the packed room and needed more information. You can email me at for all the notes.
A kind person in the audience took a phone photo and posted to Twitter.. Thanks, I've included it here.

Monday 2 April 2012

RNLI Press release

It was great to see the RNLI had sent out a press release to show off the new Solar PV system we had installed at the Sea Survival Centre back in November last year.
As the press release indicates, we had designed it to offset the vast amount of electricity the building uses to  treat the water, run the wave machine, plus all the systems that a normal building of this size will not have.
Its really good to know the RNLI is moving to being as low carbon as possible to minimise their carbon footprint, something many companies are doing now without regard to profit. The systems simply need to be self financing without the past greed of big investors.

For the whole story from the RNLI CLICK HERE