Friday 25 November 2011

Walled Garden PV system

The big switch on of a 20kWp ground mount system installed in a walled garden today. Now, there will be much harvesting of the sun to supply the house with clean and green electricity.

This system has taken some time to assemble as has been installed at the same time as ongoing building works. Though the timing ha
s been perfect to allow the owner to sign up onto the UK Feed in Tariff before the 12th December reduction date.

Our guys have been working long days and weekends to get everyones systems installed before 12/12 FiT changeover day. Its going to be tight, but looking good!

RHI announced!

At last, we can start making applications for the RHI from Monday 28th November!
For all the details from DECC, see THIS LINK

Its the Phase 1 commercial and large system version, to be followed early next year by the Phase 2 Domestic version.

After the fun & games over prematurely slashing the Feed in Tariff, possibly DECC are trying a little harder to keep the Renewables industry going?

Thursday 24 November 2011

The Green Deal is announced

In a strange change of direction after reducing the Solar PV Feed in Tariff a few weeks back, DECC have today announced details of the Green Deal, see press announcement here

This new incentive will enable people to to install all sorts of energy saving measures to their house at no up front cost. These hopefully will include solar PV, solar thermal and heat pumps which we can supply for you! Though these technologies may only get included in the RHI, (see below).

The Green Deal is currently going through a consultation till January, so you have an opportunity to have some input. Download the full document here. It looks like a scheme for more long term debt?

We are now eagerly awaiting the details of the long awaited RHI re-write, possibly going to be announced in the next few days. This is what people have been waiting all year for, as we will know definitely what our new Solar Thermal, Heat Pump and Biomass systems will earn, which in turn will enable to you decide the viability of having one of these technologies installed. We'll keep you informed.

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Progress at the RNLI Poole.

The guys have completed mounting all the 180 modules onto the roof today. All in 3 days!
We had a hold up with brackets when they got delivered to completely the wrong place, but all overcome.
Just a big sub main cable to install tomorrow, and await Saturday for the final connection .

Time is ticking away!

Yup!.. The 'leaked document' from last Friday, although claimed to be incorrect, was not really so far from the truth!
Though the FiT rate will be dropping from 43.3p to 21p a generated unit, the rate of return will still be good for southerly facing PV systems. Plus after 12th December installed PV costs will be dropping again.
It looks like the payback time on a typical 2kWp system will be around 11 years for a South facing system after the new installed costs come out in the next few weeks.
As the return will still be far better than the Banks can offer (around 6.5%), Solar PV still offers one of the best investments around.