Wednesday 30 March 2011

Devon ground mount solar PV

Just testing the flickr interface with a repeat image.. New stuff coming soon.

Friday 25 March 2011

Ground Mount solar

So, you've not got enough space on the roof, or your house/ outbuilding roof faces the wrong way (ie not South'ish), then why not look at this option of getting a ground mount.

We installed t
his system for a customer who liked the idea of keeping the system below the level of the stone wall that can be seen in the background enabling him to have an unobstructed view from the house.

The system could have
been installed 2 modules high, but this method keeps everything nicely low profile.

Feed in Tariff April update

Great news for people getting the Feed in Tariff from their Renewable Power Systems, Ofgem have announced the annual inflation based review of the Feed in Tariff rates. See HERE for the full table.
For standard under 4kWp systems, the 41.3p a unit rate will be increasing on the 1st April to 43.3p for every generated unit.

See the chart for other rates.