Saturday 26 May 2012

New lower cost Immersion Switch!

Our latest Immersion Relay units are now even lower in cost to £160 inc VAT and post!
After a recent bulk buy in components, we are able to price these popular power saving devices at an all time low price.
These low cost units are the answer to a using as much of your generated PV power as possible. Aimed at the household who have gas or oil water heating and out of the house all day. You've probably realised most of that PV generated power simply goes out on the grid with no benefit to yourself at all..
We know of some people who have tried putting timer units on their immersion heaters to switch on around late morning for a few hours. However, a moments thought comes to the realisation that on cloudy or low light days you'd be buying in far more power than you'd be generating.
Our Immersion Relay is the answer, it only switches on the immersion when your PV is generating enough power to run it... And to ensure its suited to most domestic installations, we provide a custom built  replacement 1kw immersion heater to take the place of your existing 3kw unit, which means your PV will be heating even more water!
Click HERE to get all the information.

Thursday 17 May 2012

Off grid Pellet Boiler

Had a great first day at Devon County Show.
Loads of people interested in Wood pellet boilers to replace their clunky and expensive to run Oil heating. Plus even more interest in our Wind Turbines, both 2.5 and 10kw.

Rain stayed off for most of the day, but we did suffer a little shower later on. Though our lovely and toasty warm demonstration pellet boiler brought people in to dry off and warm up!

Still 2 days to go.. Come and see us on stand 179, avenue C, near the sheep section.

Picture shows the boiler in action just after setting up. The ignition and blowers are run on 12v battery and an inverter, showing that these really low power units are ideal for off grid applications as well as standard domestic use. A 10kg bag of pellets at £2 will last all day ticking over. We are going to install one in the office ready for winter.

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Devon County Show

Its that time of year again!.. We are again taking a space at Devon County Show.
This year though, as well as having a suggestion of Solar PV on display, we are showing off our recent Biomass direction with a live and living wood pellet heater, so you can see the advantages of getting rid of that old Oil or LPG boiler and go for half price fuel, plus you'll get a Government Premium Payment.

Also on show will be a Skystream 3.7 turbine in the tent along with our brilliant invention that seems to be stirring a few people with a realisation that they can make even more money from their PV and Wind systems.. The Immersion Diversion Relay!.. We will have these for sale off the stand for ONLY £150, a massive Devon County Show sale price, down from the normal £190.

Come and see us on Stand 179, Avenue C.. Near the Sheep!

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Grand Opening of Bicton Earth

Now this is weird!. We have been invited to, and have accepted, an invitation to attend the official opening of Bicton Earth training centre, a local training school for renewables near Budleigh Salterton and part of Bicton Agricultural College.

The weird part is that when the development of the centre was announced 18 months ago, we offered to support the project and donate equipment, PV panels, etc as we felt a project like this was just what the area needs... I still do!.. However, after an initial meeting and a small flurry of emails indicating our intent, etc. All contact broke off. We naturally assumed there were delays, etc. As we now see, the centre is completely built (and looks lovely), but they actually PAID a company to install the equipment, which will have left less in the budget for all the teaching stuff they could have bought.

Although Graham, who is running the show now & was not around at that point,  is really pulling it all together and is ready to take on a bunch of C&G courses, (plus he's a really nice bloke), I am still feeling a little bad taste in my mouth over what went before him. I'd like to think our offer of FREE stuff was not snubbed, but I was looking at some of the installed gear that would have cost them thousands, and wonder if there was a level of incompetency or something else going on a year or so ago!

If your there on Friday, see you then, we'll be there, looking onwards and upwards. Graham has plans for the Earth Centre, and they are all good.. And despite the other stuff, I want to help him along, there is now some vision running the place now.

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Film Sponsorship Deal for 2012

We have been inspired to support a group of local film makers starting filming their first major film right here in the East Devon area. See the press release below..

A trio of local lads have formed a film production company ‘Primley Road Productions’ after much acclaim for their pilot episode of ‘Clive’ last year. Their first feature film, - The Catch – starts shooting in East Devon and other locations in July this year, and whilst they have been supported with location and studio equipment by MWS Media, a film production company in the Thames Valley, much needed funding is required for hiring locations and more. Rudge Renewables have helped with some sponsorship, but more is needed to bring this home grown comedy to the UK’s film screens.
‘The Catch’ is a character driven, coming-of-age comedy, with a truly original story. Supported by the acclaimed production company, MWS, who are eager to nurture Britain’s next generation of film makers, Rudge Renewables have also been keen to invest in the future of these local talented youngsters who obviously have a planned future in British film writing and production.
Resume of the three, all from East Devon:
Based in Seaton, Oliver Dowling has gone on to graduate with honours from Kingston University in film and creative writing. His passion for comedy was rewarded in 2010 when he won the award for 'Best original Joke' on BBC Radio. He co-wrote and starred in television series pilot 'Clive', and has been a guest speaker several times at the London Comedy Writers Group, based in the heart of London's west end.
Joel Emery graduated from Middlesex University with a first, and has since worked on various projects. His short-film 'Exposures' was shortlisted on several national film festivals. He collaborated on 'Clive', co writing with Oliver Dowling and directing the pilot. Joel currently works for the BBC, as head of graphic design and moving images on such shows as Match of the Day and Football Focus. 
Adam Jarrell is an actor/singer who has performed all over the world, ranging from cruise-ships to international tours. His debut feature film 'Nuryan', in which he played the lead, won the prestigious 'Best Film' and the London Independent film festival. Adam also played one of the lead characters in the award-winning production of Stephen Sondheim's 'Assassins' at the Union Theatre, Waterloo in 2010. He is currently on tour with 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' in which he is receiving rave reviews for his portrayal of 'Pharaoh'.