Tuesday 19 June 2012

Photo Competition Winner

As most of our existing customers will be aware, we ran a photo competition, asking for people to take the best photo's they can of their systems, as we were looking for some outstanding images for our new website.
We had a massive response from loads of our customers, and all the images were of a high standard, some were outstanding!
The initial idea of having a lead prize and a couple of runner up prizes was soon replaced with more M&S tokens as the level of quality was quite high.

The winning photo, which will appear on the main page of our website fitted the remit nicely of a punchy image to be used on our website. Pictured is Mr Mitchell, the winner, with a copy of the winning photo and his new (still boxed) iPad which should keep him busy for hours!

Friday 15 June 2012

Another RNLI PV installation completed

This week we have helped the RNLI bring down their carbon footprint at their Saltash Divisional Base by installing a 20kWp PV system for electricity and a Solar Thermal to provide all their hot water needs.

Using the excellent Speed Rail system with Suntech modules, we have provided the customer with an excellent system with a payback rate of return of 14%, without having to use 'budget' low efficiency modules.