Sunday 26 July 2009

Mounting system

We use almost exclusively the K2 roof mounting system for our solar PV installations. I thought I'd take a few pictures on an installation this week to let you see a close up of how it works. So many people ask how the system gets put on the roof!

You can see the horizontal rail against the Redland tiles on the left. On the right you can see the PV module being clamped down by a corrosion proof alloy bracket and stainless bolt & fitting.

This system has worked well for us, is guaranteed 10 years for corrosion and structure integrity.

On the left you'll see the complete 1.44kWp array. This system will generate over 1300kWh of power for our customer every 12 months wich under the new Feed In Tariff scheme commencing next April, will earn them at least £598, and maybe more depending on the electricity deal they have!

For the more fiscally minded, if you have a grant supported system similar to this size installed this year, financial payback time will get reduced from 16 years to 8 years.. Cool!

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