Sunday 4 April 2010

Training at SMA Germany

I'm not long back from doing a few days training at the SMA, Sunny Boy, HQ in Neistetal, Germany. The image to the left is inside the 4 storey glass mounted PV array on the Academy.
I now have certification for communications programming for products such as the Webbox, to enable your system to upload the system history and performance to your own customisable website. This webpage can be private for just the family, or seen by anyone.. Click here to take you to a demo webpage and look for the link to example plants.

The other product training was covering Island systems to enable installers to provide off grid systems to anything from a single dwelling and able to expand up to a whole village if required. This system is so adaptable, and while it is very suited to 3rd world countries and remote locations, these systems will have many applications around the UK too.
There is an animated overview film here

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