Thursday 19 January 2012

And finally, the final version from DECC

This afternoon, DECC have released the statement HERE which clarifies the Feed in Tariff situation not only for now, but after April 1st.
It has been backed up by a Ministerial statement by Greg Barker HERE which puts the decision into context and appears to show a support for the Renewable energy sector.

Both Solar PV industry and customers can breathe a little easier now, as we have definate decisions from the Government, though this may mean a mini rush for system installations during February, that should not affect the Governments budget too much which will leave them able to continue with a reasonable 21p rate after April.
See reproduced table below:

Band (kW Declared Net Capacity (DNC) Current generation tariff (p/kWh)  New generation tariff from 1 April 2012 (p/kWh)
≤4kW (new build) 37.8 21.0
≤4kW (retrofit)  43.3 21.0
>4-10kW 37.8 16.8
>10-50kW 32.9 15.2
>50-100kW 19 12.9
>100-150kW  19 12.9
>150-250kW 15 12.9
>250kW-5MW 8.5 8.5
stand alone 8.5 8.5

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